Immer Video


Launching a new service or product? You’ll need an explainer video to go with the rest of your marketing collateral. Our producers and writers will help you distill the most important information into your script, determine which visual styles work best for your concept, and ensure alignment with your organization’s messaging and branding. The end result? An enlightening and compelling few minutes of all-killer-no-filler content that will get your customers and prospects eager to learn more.


Happy customers are your best advocates. We help highlight your success with video testimonials. By illustrating their business problem, your solution, and the benefits, a client’s words can serve as proof that your innovation, products, and offerings lead to success. We’ll work with you to form a relatable narrative that conveys the value you provided to your client, the care you took to help them, and how your organization can help viewers with their own business challenges.

RFP Responses

Go above and beyond. By packaging your RFP response with an overview video and a detailed solution video, you can break the ice and help stakeholders quickly understand your ideas and capabilities so they can decide on next steps. Our proven approach to RFP responses has helped clients win big with Fortune 100 companies.

Software Demos

Show, don’t tell. We use the industry’s best screen capture technology to make sure your software looks crystal clear, and pair it with high-end voice over talent to showcase its capabilities. Our scriptwriters will help craft a walkthrough that’s clear and concise, while our editors and motion graphics experts ensure a clean and focused presentation.

Concept Pieces

When it comes to thought leadership, you need a visual presentation that’s as memorable as your message. We create thematic, custom pieces with a visual throughline that resonates with your ideas. Our art directors work with our videographers and 2D and 3D animation experts to find the right style for your video, while our script supervisors work with your existing whitepapers or eBooks to compress your ideas into a runtime that attracts viewers and keeps them watching.


Sometimes footage isn’t the best fit for your message. We convey the value of your concepts and offerings through motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, and character animation to visualize the conceptual. Without having to rely on a camera or the laws of physics, the possibilities are limitless.